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Welcome to ChequesPlus.com, the cost-effective, friendly alternative to purchasing pre-printed computer cheques from financial institutions. We carry all of the popular styles of computer cheques and business cheques that big banks do, and we use the same suppliers, allowing us to rival the quality of the products that they sell. Our #1 priority is ensuring that your business and personal cheques are printed correctly and shipped quickly.

The pre-printed cheques offered by ChequesPlus.com are compliant with all of the guidelines established by the Canadian Payment Association, and since we use the same suppliers as banks, our cheques are of the same quality that companies receive when they place their initial order or re-orders with their financial institutions. We offer lighting fast delivery; typically, we can ship purchases placed before 1:30PM on the same day as the order. Every order is processed with rush service standard, and shipping and handling are free for all orders within Ontario and Quebec.

Every order received at ChequesPlus.com is important, regardless of its size. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and as such, we are available to assist our customers with selecting pre-printed computer cheques, with questions regarding how to order on our website and with inquiries about orders that already been placed, filled or shipped.  We can be reached by phone at 450.323.6244 or use our contact form.


Computer Cheques Canada FAQ

Are the cheques you offer the same type of legal, negotiable monetary instrument that I can get from my bank?

Yes. The computer cheques that we carry at Chequesplus.com are the same as those sold by your financial institution. In fact, we use the same suppliers as many of Canada’s biggest banks, so in many cases, our cheques are indistinguishable from those purchased from your financial institution.

Will there be any problems with the cheques I purchase from you clearing?

No, our cheques will clear with the same ease that those purchased from a bank do, provided you have adequate funds in your account to cover them.

Can you print cheques for accounts in US Funds too?

Yes, we can also provide cheques for accounts in US Funds, you just have to note it in your order form.

When will my order ship?

We usually ship orders approved before 1:30PM that same day. If your order was placed after 1:30PM, it will usually be sent the following business day.

Business Cheques Canada FAQ



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