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ChequesPlus.com understands that being equipped to deliver tailored, innovative solutions to your customers require a thorough appreciation of the difficulties and opportunities you and your customers face. Detailed understanding surrounding the circumstances of your business, enable us to work collaboratively with your corporation to figure out new ways to improve your processes and programs in ways that you might not have imagined were possible.

ChequesPlus.com offers a wide range of corporate solutions since we strive to be the best cheque printing company Canada has. We offer individual and personalized products, which allow us to customize our services to suit our clients so that they can meet their own client’s requirements.

Whether you are a Bank or Credit Union, Accounting Software Developer, an Accounting and Bookkeeping firm or a payroll provider, we are the only website that you need for all of your cheque and cheque printing supplies.

What makes ChequesPlus.com better than other cheque printing companies?

  • Low prices on all of our products and services without sacrificing quality. All orders are shipped the same day for free within Ontario and Quebec. We offer drop shipping where we arrange your client’s orders to be shipped directly to their location.
  • A dedicated website for corporate online orders that makes ordering blank or printed cheques fast, easy and 100% secure.
  • Small or bulk orders that are ready when you need them, even in rush situations.
  • We will customize, print and brand your cheque order, and ensure that they are accurate before shipping them to your client for you.
  • Our cheques are 100% compatible with all major accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and AccPac.
  • We provide 100% CPA compliant cheques that are in accordance with the guidelines and the specifications by the Canadian Payment Association.


For more information about how we can customize our services to meet your corporations specific needs, please contact our dedicated staff members who can answer any questions and meet all of your needs at 877-888-7163 x109 or email us at corporate [at ] chequesplus.com

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