About Cheques Plus

No one does cheques like Cheques Plus. We have the largest selection,
with the fastest shipping, at the best prices. Guaranteed.

Banks sell cheques at huge markups, at the cost to the consumer. We’ve solved that problem.

Our business philosophy is simple: cheques shouldn’t be so expensive. We print CPA compliant cheques on site. We process orders ourselves. No more middlemen.

Now you never have to be taken advantage of by the banks.

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Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for an such a satisfying experience! The cheques look great and arrived less than 36 hours after they were first ordered. Keep up the great work!

Why Choose Cheques Plus?

Our business philosophy is simple: cheques shouldn’t be so expensive. In 2010, our founder became aggravated with the high cost and poor customer service from his financial institution when ordering cheques. Much of his family, friends, and business associates had the same exact problem: cheques were too expensive He then figured out how to make cheques CPA compliant, established a printing facility, and voilà: Cheques Plus was born.

We print cheques on-site. We don’t just work with the printers: we are the printers. We process and ship out all orders ourselves. That means: no more middlemen, no needless markups, and no more getting ripped off by the banks. For this reason, we can promise the best prices in all of Canada.

Our cheques are CPA compliant. We’re a member of Payments Canada. Our website is Comodo secure and SSL encrypted, so the data you send us will never fall into the wrong hands.

Most importantly, our reputation precedes us as the top rated cheque printer in all of Canada. With hundreds of online reviews from real customers and a 97% reorder rate, we’ve cemented ourselves as the premier source of cheques.

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Need Help? We’re Here For You.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help. Call us at 877.888.7163, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We’ll answer any questions you may have.

You can also use our contact form. Our contact form is the easiest way to ask us anything. We’ll get back to you in one business day: that’s our promise to you.